There are two ways to sell meat market animals during the Head of the Lakes Fair in 2018.  One is through the Douglas County Beef Improvement Association’s auction, which is for their members.  The other method is to sell animals from the stalls while at the fair. 

Rules for selling meat animals from stalls:

  • All market animals must be sold according to DATCP rules and state policies.
  • Buyers may be solicited before or during the fair and sellers may advertise above the animals Thursday until the end of the fair. Sales must be finalized before the fair is over. 
  • All animals must be housed in Douglas County.
  • Livestock projects will be weighed on the first day they are brought into the fairgrounds. The Livestock judge will grade the animals on judging day.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for animals until the end of the fair.
  • Due to state health recommendations for swine this year, the fair management group has decided that the fair will hold a terminal show for swine this year. That means that every pig and hog that comes to the fairgrounds must go directly to slaughter at the end of the fair.
  • Sellers must make arrangements with the buyers to transport animals that are going to be slaughtered.
  • Douglas County 4-H and its members will not be liable for any injury or loss to any person, business, or association involved in the Beef Projects, Swine Projects and/or Sheep Projects at the sale or at the fair or involving transportation of the animals or in any activity connected with the project.
  • Purchases are being made from individuals, not a chartered 4-H group; therefore, they are not tax deductible.